Tweco FP-165 Mini MIG User Manual

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FIREpOwER Fp-125, 135, 165



Manual 0-5123

3.07 Attaching the Gun and Cable

Assembly to the Power Source

The Firepower FP-125, FP-135, FP-165 are supplied with

a 80A MIG gun. The 80A MIG gun is designed with an

ergonomic handle and fewer parts to eliminate perfor-

mance problems. The 80A MIG gun uses standard readily

available TWECO consumable parts.
1. Open the door to the machine.
2. Connect the gun cable to the power source by first

routing the switch lead through the access hole in

the front panel followed by the gun cable (see Figure



Turn the cable end to align the gas hose nipple

on the connector plug with the keyway located

in the bottom of the front panel access hole.

3. Loosen the screws and insert the gun cable end as far

as it will go. Tighten thumbscrew (see Figure 3-3).

4. Insert the gun switch plug into the gun switch socket

(see Figure 3-3).

5. If shielding gas is being used, push the gas hose on

to the gas hose nipple and secure it with the hose


6. To remove the gun, simply reverse these directions.


When disconnecting gun switch leads from the

machine, grab the connectors and pull. Do not

pull on the wires.

Gun Switch Plug/Socket

Gas Tube

Art # A-09079

Figure 3-3: Attaching Gun and Cable

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