Tweco 9-9436 User Manual

General information, Supplied parts, Installation

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April 4, 2006


Manual 0-4743 Rev. AA

© 2005 Thermadyne Corp.

Manual 0-4743

Torch Valve Kit No. 9-9436

Installation Instructions

82 Benning Street, West Lebanon, NH 03784 USA

(603) 298-5711 •

General Information

This kit is for use only with Thermal Dynamics Auto-Cut




and 30O


Power Supplies and Thermal Dynamics

Plasma Cutting Machine Torches. Do not use this kit with
any other equipment.

This kit accepts preflow, plasma, and shield gases and
water from the Gas Control Module and supplies these
gases to the Torch.

Supplied Parts

• Torch Valve Assembly

• Installation Instructions

Art # A-04760

3.72 in
95 mm

3.34 in
85 mm

4.63 in

118 mm

2.06 in
52 mm



Disconnect primary power at the source.

1. Mount the Valve Kit as close as possible to the Torch.

The valve kit can be mounted in any convenient posi-
tion, provided the outlet side (with two fittings) is closer
to the torch than the inlet side (with three fittings and a
control cable connector).

2. Connect the Valve Kit outlets to the torch leads as


Art # A-04761

Right-hand Thread:

To Torch Shield Gas fitting

Left-hand Thread:

To Torch Plasma Gas fitting

Do not remove brass plugs

Outlet Side