Tweco 7-7500 User Manual

General information, Parts list, Installation

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Manual 0-2541


Date: 3/22/99

General Information

The Two Stage Air Line Filter Kit will remove moisture
and contaminants from the air stream when using com-
pressed air. The filter is capable of filtering to at least 5
microns. The filter assembly is pre-assembled at the fac-
tory and need only be attached to the power supply.

Parts List

The following parts are included with the Two Stage Air
Line Filter Kit:

• Installation Instructions - 1 each

• 10-32 x 1/2 Phillips Head Swagform Screws - 2 each

• Filter Mounting Bracket - 1 each

• Air Line Filter Assembly - 1 each

• 1/4 NPT Sreet Elbow - 1 each

• Filter To Regulator Hose Assembly - 1 each



The Two Stage Air Line Filter Assembly is to be
used with the Regulator/Filter Assembly installed
on the rear of the unit.

Install the Two Stage Air Line Filter Kit per the following

1. Remove the gas supply input hose from the Regula-

tor/Filter Assembly at the rear of the power supply if
already installed.

2. Locate the two mounting holes on the rear of the unit

and secure the Air Filter Mounting Bracket to the panel
using the two screws provided.

Manual 0-2541

Two Stage Air Line Filter Kit

(Catalog # 7-7500)

Installation Instructions




Air Filter

Mounting Bracket



Mounting Holes

Figure 1: Air Filter Mounting Bracket Installation

3. Slide the Air Line Filter Assembly into the mounting

bracket. The Filter Assembly will snap into place.