Autoexposure bracketing (aeb) – Canon eos rebel g User Manual

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Autoexposure Bracketing (AEB)

With autoexposure bracketing, the camera automatically changes the

exposure level within the set range for three successive frames. The
bracketing amount centers on the correct exposure (or the exposure
compensation setting), and the exposure can be varied up to 2 stops in

half stops. The three bracketed shots are exposed in the following
sequence: correct exposure, underexposure, and overexposure. The film
advances according to the current picture-taking mode. (See “Feature
Availability Table” on page 60.) Bracketing is useful for obtaining the
desired exposure or effect, especially with reversal film which has a

narrow exposure latitude.

Correct exposure

Underexposure (-0.5 stop) Overexposure (+0.5 stop)


Set the Command
Creative Zone mode.

Dial to a

O Press the function button until the
" function setting pointer points to

Turn the Main Dial to set the
desired bracketing amount.

■ The bracketing amount is displayed on

the LCD panel. For example, it it is set to

0.5, the bracketing sequence will be:
correct exposure, underexposure by -0.5
stop, and overexposure by +0.5 stop.

• To cancel autoexposure bracketing, set

the bracketing amount to 0.0.