Coupling racks – Dell PowerEdge Rack Enclosure 4620S User Manual

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As shown in the installation guide included in the hardware kit, line up the stabilizers in front of the rack, then
secure the stabilizers to the rack using the hardware provided in the kit. See Figure 8.

Figure 8: Stabilizer Installation

Coupling Racks

4220 Rack Enclosures can be coupled using an interconnect accessory kit that can be purchased with the Dell Rack
Enclosure. This kit can be used to couple the 4220 to another 4220 or to a previous generation Dell 4210 Rack
Enclosure. Follow the steps in the instruction manuals to seal and spaces between racks with the foam provided.
Then use the brackets to complete a tool-less coupling of the two racks. For maximum stability, use all four
coupling brackets to secure mated racks at top and bottom in the front and rear of the racks. See Figure 9.

Figure 9: Coupling Locations

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