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Figure 13: Installing Hardwired Zero U PDUs


The Dell 2420 and 4220 Rack Enclosures have been designed with improved internal and external cable
management features.

Internal Cable Management

The Dell 2420 and 4220 Rack Enclosures are 2.7” (70mm) deeper than the older Dell 4210 Rack Enclosures. This
extra room allows the user more space for cabling inside the rack. There are a few different cabling scenarios with
the 2420/4220 racks depending on where PDUs are mounted.

In the event that you have zero-U mount PDUs installed in the sides of the rack, it is recommended that the PDU
trays be used to route all cables either up or down.
The power cable from rackmount equipment can be routed to the sides of the rack and into the zero-U mount PDUs.
Any excess cable length should be rolled up and attached or cinched to the rack’s vertical frame members.

Data cables can then be routed to the PDU trays and secured with either the cable rings provided in the hardware kit,
or with Velcro straps or cable ties. See Figure 14.

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