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Executive Summary

The Dell™ PowerEdge™ Rack Enclosures are offered in two sizes, 24U (2420) and 42U (4220). The Dell 2420
and 4220 Rack Enclosures are designed to hold and protect server, network, and data storage equipment. The Dell
Rack Enclosure is a sturdy, practical design that is solidly built and delivered with Dell quality service, support, and
reliability. The Dell 2420 and 4220 Rack Enclosure feature an array of enhancements over traditional cabinets to
address critical power, cooling, and cabling issues of the datacenter. Dell 2420 and 4220 Rack Enclosures are
designed to be used in any environment: a data center, a remote office, a wiring closet, or even a factory floor.

The Dell 2420 and 4220 Rack Enclosures are UL certified and adhere to the CEA-310-E standards for 19"
rackmount equipment. Dell PowerEdge servers fit into these racks as do other important networking equipment
including Dell PowerVault™, Dell EqualLogic and Dell EMC storage, PowerConnect™ or other networking
equipment like routers, switches, and etc.

This document is intended only as a guide to some best practices when installing and using a Dell 2420 or 4220
Rack Enclosure. While not all deployment scenarios can be covered here, this document looks to provide guidance
for some of the more common environments where Dell Rack Enclosures are used.

Key Attributes


Dell 2420 and 4220 Rack Enclosures come in two key sizes to accommodate server mounting needs at both small
office environments and in large scale data center installations.

The 2420 Rack Enclosure is a 24U rack that has the following dimensions shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Dell 2420 Rack Enclosure

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