Dell PowerEdge Rack Enclosure 4620S User Manual

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Figure 14: Internal Cable Management

Cabling is different when using rear-mount PDUs placed in PDU trays. If the user plans to separate power and data
on opposite sides of the rack, then PDUs would be mounted in one PDU tray and the data cables can be routed into
the PDU tray on the opposite side. When using Dell Cable Management Arms (CMAs), all cables will exit the
CMA on one side. Dell CMAs can mount on either side of the system giving the user an option of which side he
wants the cables to exit. If the cables exit the CMA on the opposite side as PDUs, then data cables can be routed
right into the PDU trays and cinched with Velcro or cable ties, and tied off to the PDU tray.
Power cables should then be grouped and routed together to a common “crossover point” in the rack. This is usually
done at the top, bottom, or middle of the rack. Depending on the size of the bundle of power cables, this can be an
empty 1U or 2U size area in the rear of the rack. Power cables can then be routed to the PDUs on the opposite side.
See Figure 15.



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