Dell Axim X50 User Manual

Using westtek, Clearvue™ with your dell™ axim™ x50v

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October 2004

Using Westtek


ClearVue™ with your

Dell™ Axim™ X50v

This document helps you use the Westtek ClearVue Suite on your Axim X50v.
Before installing the ClearVue Suite, you must establish an ActiveSync
connection with your host PC. Use the host USB cable and the ActiveSync
software that came with your Axim to complete this step.

For more information on installing and using ActiveSync, see the

Dell Axim X50

Owner's Manual.

Installing Westtek ClearVue

Once you have established an ActiveSync

Guest or Partnership connection with

your Axim:


Insert the

Presentation Pack for Dell Axim X50v CD into the CD or DVD drive

on your host PC.


The ClearVue Suite installation wizard should launch automatically. If not,
explore the CD using the Windows Explorer and double-click