Dell Axim X50 User Manual

Using cisco, Leap wireless lan security

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Using Cisco


LEAP Wireless LAN Security

Your Dell Axim X50 supports 802.1X network authentication using Cisco
LEAP. Cisco LEAP can be configured using the Odyssey Client application.


Before starting, ensure that your Wireless On/Off button is in the

On position.


LEAP is not supported on a peer-to-peer network.


LEAP is not supported on the low end version of Axim X50.

To start the application do the following steps.

1 Tap Start



Odyssey Client icon.

2 Tap Settings

Enable Odyssey to start using the client.

To start using LEAP, perform the following steps.

1 Obtain the following information from your network administrator:

Network name

Association mode

Encryption method

2 From the Odyssey Client window, tap on Settings



3 Enter the network name (SSID) if known, or tap on Scan to search the

available Access Points. Tap Next.

4 LEAP will only support an infrastructure network, so do not change the

default settings in the drop-down menu. Tap Next.

5 Fill in Association Mode and Encryption method. Tap Next.

September 2004