Step 10, Step 11, Step 12 – General Hydroponics EuroGrower User Manual

Page 5: Step 13, Step 14

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Make sure that Drip Lines
reach into the Bato Buckets
and attach them to the Drip
. The Drip Lines fit best
into second smallest opening
of the Drip Stakes.


Rinse the Clay Pebbles
thoroughly with plain water
and fill each Bato Bucket
up to the Drain Fittings. Set
aside a similar amount of the
Clay Pebbles for top mulch
and the remaining Clay
Pebbles will be mixed with
CocoTek Fine Coir Brick.


Place one CocoTek Fine Coir Brick into a
bucket and add 1 gallon of plain water
to expand the brick. Once the brick has
expanded and soaked up all the water
transfer the soil like growing media to the
Bato Buckets and repeat for each of the
bricks. Mix in some of the Clay Pebbles as
you fill the Bato Buckets and remember to
leave some Clay Pebbles for topping off
the buckets. Topping of the Bato Buckets
with a thin layer of Clay Pebbles will help
reduce algae growth.


Insert the Drip Stakes into the growing
media and position the Drip Line towards
the center of the Bato Bucket.


Plug the Mag Drive #2 Pump power cable
into the Grasslin Timer. Use the timer to
control when and for how long the system
is watered. Set the time to come on in 15
minute increments by pushing the pin in
at the time you want the system to water
your plants. Rotate the timer dial to the
correct time and plug into a properly
grounded and fault protected outlet.