Cocotek, Premium coconut coir - 5kg block, Rainforest – General Hydroponics EuroGrower User Manual

Page 8: Florablend

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The CocoTek 5kg block is 100% organic and
consists of compressed coco coir. This high
quality, low sodium, growing medium is
an environmentally friendly alternative to
sphagnum peat moss. When hydrated with
water the Cocotek Block rapidly expands,
saving you time and effort. GH Cocotek Blocks
can be used exclusively by themselves, blended
together or mixed with expanded clay pebbles,
perlite or topsoil.



The Rainforest is perfect for propagation
or growing plants to full maturity.
Our patented Vortex Sprayer provides
a super-oxygenated mist for rapidly
developing plants. With a compact design
and small footprint, the Rainforest is
available with 2”, 3”, and 6”, site lid inserts
to suit specific growing needs.



FloraBlend is a Vegan Ferment Tea that is made from a proprietary
blend of plant materials, plus seaweed, rock powders and micronized
leonardite. FloraBlend is produced with a diverse mixture of highly
bioactive microorganisms that are fed a feast of select food sources
in a hyper oxygenated environment. These beneficial microorganisms
multiply rapidly consuming these food sources and through
bioconversion processes, new organic compounds are formed. These
organic compounds are enzymes, metabolites and organic acids,
which energize plants metabolic processes.

These highly soluble organic compounds increase and promote
healthy root structures, build the plants immune system and provide
carbon building blocks for plant processes responsible for color and
flavor of fruits and vegetables.