Operation, Preparation for replanting, Trouble shooting – General Hydroponics EuroGrower User Manual

Page 7: Helpful guidelines & trouble shooting, If white salt deposits form on the clay pebbles, Florakleen

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Depending on the growth stage and type of plant, you will need to adjust the timer
to water your plants often enough to maintain sufficient moisture in the individual
Bato Buckets. In general you will need to water more often during the daylight
hours and less during the night. Use mild to normal strength nutrient solution and
avoid strong or aggressive nutrient. As your plants consume nutrient solution, the
level in the reservoir will drop. Top off with half strength solution or plain water,
depending on your plants growth rate and needs. It is necessary to change the
water and nutrients every one to two weeks depending upon the size of your plants
and their rate of growth; with bigger plants change more often. Simply empty the
reservoir by rotating the blue handle on the drain valve 90 degrees so water drains
on the ground or connecting a house to the drain valve when indoors.


After harvesting and before replanting your EuroGrower, dismantle the system and
clean all parts with hot water. Rinse the Clay Pebbles in very hot water and soak
overnight. It is also a good idea to dis-assemble the Drip Feed Line and wash the
assembly and Mag Drive #2 from time to time in hot water.


If white salt deposits form on the Clay Pebbles:

1. Try using a milder nutrient solution and topping off with plain water only.
2. Occasionally drain your system, refill with plain water and let the system run
normally for a day. Afterwards, empty reservoir and refill with fresh nutrient.

If plants are not growing well and you suspect “hard” water:

1. Use FloraMicro Hardwater in place of FloraMicro.
2. Try distilled or purified water. You should see a significant improvement
in plant health and growth within one week.

If nutrient solution stops flowing from the drip lines:

1.Check to ensure that pump is plugged in and reservoir is filled
with nutrient solution.
2. Keep the pump and filter clean and use General Hydroponics FloraKleen™
to minimize nutrient buildup and crusting.



• Dissolves accumulated fertilizer salts.

• Reduces plant stress from excess and imbalanced nutrients.

• Releases nutrient bonds between plants and systems, also

correcting nutrient lock-out.

• Use FloraKleen as a final flush a few days before harvest to

promote maturation and sugaring.

• Safe for all systems and media while plants are growing.
FloraKleen removes fertilizer residue that can accumulate over

time in hydroponic systems, growing media, and potting soils.

Use FloraKleen monthly to purge your hydroponic system or

potted plants of excess salts that can accumulate as a result of

regular fertilizer application. FloraKleen can be used at anytime

throughout the plant’s life and is an excellent final flush to

help improve flavor. Its high concentration and low price make

FloraKleen the economical choice for maintaining your plants in

both hydroponic and soil based environments.