Placement, Planting, Filling – General Hydroponics EuroGrower User Manual

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Abundant light, proper temperature and
adequate ventilation are crucial for fast
growth, healthy plants and higher yields.
Place the EuroGrower in a warm, well-lit,
well-ventilated location, such as an outdoor
garden, sunlit window, patio or greenhouse.
Keep your EuroGrower away from areas
where the inevitable dripping that occurs
during filling, draining and pH adjustment
could cause water damage.
You can grow several small plants in the
EuroGrower; evenly space out your plants in
each of the Bato Buckets or you can grow a
single large plant in each Bato Bucket. Gently
add Clay Pebbles and CocoTek growing
media mixture around the plant roots until
thoroughly covered.


To prepare a seedling or a plant for
transplanting, remove all soil and/or organic
material from around the roots. Plants must
be sturdy with established roots before
transplanting into the EuroGrower. Choose
seedlings because it’s more difficult to
successfully transplant older plants. If your
plant has been growing in soil or peat moss,
gently remove the plant from its pot and
carefully rinse as much soil as possible from
the roots before transplanting. Although
this method of transplanting from soil to
hydroponics is somewhat risky, as soil may
contain disease organisms that proliferate
in the rich hydroponic solution, we have
had success using this transplant method
and encourage you to try it. Or, you can
avoid these problems by starting plants from
cuttings in one of our RainForest Systems.


When filling the system with a nutrient
solution it is best to mix the nutrients in a
known volume of fresh water and pour into
the reservoir until the system reaches the
desired level. The reservoir holds approxi-
mately 38 gallons at the highest operating
level. You can mix a smaller batch if needed
and the reservoir holds approximately 12
gallons at the first step and 28 gallons at
the second step. Always maintain the water
level to at least the first step and never allow
the pump to run dry.

38 gallons

24 gallons

12 gallons