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Setting optimum recording levels is vitally important to achieve the best possible recording quality.

1. Make sure that a cassette has been loaded into the

cassette compartment, and that it is wound to the point
at which you intend to start your recording. It's a good

idea to press the counter RESET button to set the

counter to “000” at this point so that you can automati­
cally locate the beginning of the recording later using
the ZERO STOP function.

2. Start by setting the channel input fader to be used set

to its minimum (“0”) position, and the MIC/LINE gain
control all the way to LINE.


Press transport REC/PAUSE button, this activates

MT120S's record circuit, and puts the transport in RECORD/
PAUSE mode. Tape will not be moving. Play the source

at the highest (loudest) level that it will be played during


4. Set the MASTER fader to about “7” or “8” on the scale

and gradually raise the input fader until you begin to
hear the source sound and see the LED peak meter

come to life. If your source is an electric instrument

(guitar or bass) or a microphone, you may also have to

slide the MIC/LINE gain control towards the MIC end of

its scale to get a sufficiently high meter reading. Adjust

the input fader and MIC/LINE gain control so that the

meter reading averages between about “0” and “+3” on

the scale. Ideally, the input fader should be set at about

“7” or “8” on its scale to achieve the above-mentioned

meter reading. This is to ensure the best possible signal-

to-noise ratio and allow plenty of plus and minus leeway

for later adjustment. If the fader setting is way off, try

adjusting the volume control on the instrument or other
source until you can get the optimum reading with a

fader setting between “7” and “8.” After levels are set,

press STOP button to disengage RECORD/PAUSE

transport status.


When you have inserted a cassette, assigned the input channel to a recorder track, checked the monitor settings and set the

optimum record level for the new track, you're ready to record.

[Note] Make sure the PITCH control is OFF (slider in the center position) while recording your first track.


Press the REC/PAUSE button and then the PLAY button

to start recording, wait a few seconds, and start playing.

2. When you’ve finished recording the track, press the

transport STOP button, turn the REC SELECT switch
for the track just recorded to the OFF position, rewind
the tape (the tape will stop automatically at a counter

reading around “999” if the ZERO STOP switch is ON).

3. Play back the recording (press the PLAY button) and

listen to the track to make sure that everything went as


[Note] If you plan to record using microphones and you

will be monitoring in the same room as where the

microphones are set up, we recommend the use

of headphones while actual recording is taking
place. If speakers are used for monitoring during

recording, their sound can “leak” back Into the
microphones compromising the quality of your re­