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Configuring Parameters

Ascent Capture Add-ins for Kofax Business Interaction Server Configuration Guide


Configuring General Parameters

Use the following procedure to configure the parameters for connecting Ascent

Capture with Business Interaction Server.

X To configure Business Interaction Server connection parameters


In the Ascent Capture Administration module, from the BIS menu, select

The Business Interaction Server - Ascent Capture Add-ins Configuration

window appears.


Click the General Parameters tab.


In the Server field, type the address for Business Interaction Server using the

following format:



In the User name field, type an existing user name that has access to the



In the Password field, type the user name’s password.


Click Test Connection to confirm that Ascent Capture is able to connect to

Business Interaction Server.


If you want to view detailed Business Interaction Server trace information in

the Ascent Capture log folder, select the “Enable debug mode” check box.


Click OK.

Configuring Validation Parameters

Use the procedure in this section to configure parameters for the Ascent Xtrata Pro

Validation module. You’ll configure these parameters if you want operators to notify

customers to resubmit a document if it is missing information.

The purpose of this procedure is to configure text for the most typical “reasons” that

customers will be notified to resubmit documents. Reasons can include issues such as

missing quantity, order number, address information, and so on. You can configure

up to 30 reasons as well as whether you want to attach the original customer

document to the notification.


Customers must resubmit their documents in entirety. Business Interaction

Server does not replace a submitted document with a resubmitted one.