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Cisco Performance Visibility Manager User Guide




The Cisco PVM monitor function provides near real-time and real-time access to resource data, as well
as summary views of aggregated traffic data with drill-down capability, formatted into tables and graphs
for troubleshooting and analyzing current network performance. Cisco PVM displays individual and
aggregated NAM metrics, including displays for single NAM data sources, for multiple NAM data
aggregated across the network, and for all NAMs. Additionally, the Monitor tab displays a snapshot of
current network activity immediately upon access.

Using the Monitor function, you can display near real-time and dynamic traffic data for applications,
hosts, conversations, DCSP groups, switches and routers, and VLAN data. You can view network
resources based on these data sources and drill down to access details about a particular resource.
Reports can be viewed, printed, and saved as PDF, Microsoft Excel, and Rich Text Format files.


Reports generated under the Monitor tab are not archived.

This chapter contains the following sections:

Monitor Navigation, page 3-1

Generating Reports Using Monitor, page 3-5

Drill-Down Capabilities, page 3-11

Real-Time Charts, page 3-14

Trend Reports, page 3-18

For samples of individual reports and their field descriptions, see

Appendix B, “Report Samples for

Monitor and Reports.”

Monitor Navigation

Navigating Cisco PVM monitor features employs an easy-to-use interface requiring minimal clicks to
obtain the desired results. The Monitor tab opens immediately when you log in to the system, first
displaying the progress indicator while loading data, then displaying the Monitor Overview report. The
Monitor GUI provides three windows:

Navigation Menu

Parameters Pane

Report Display Pane