Opening the nam traffic analyzer – Cisco OL-8620-03 User Manual

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Cisco Performance Visibility Manager User Guide


Chapter 3 Monitor

Drill-Down Capabilities

To use a report drill-down links, complete the following steps:

Step 1

Open a tabular report by running a new report or opening an archived report.

Step 2

In the table, find the linked resource about which you want more information, such as the Host ID or


You can use the sorting arrows in the column header to re-sort the resource or performance
information, or use the pagination links in the report header to view different pages of the report.

Step 3

Click the desired resource name or application protocol hyperlink.

The drill-down report opens and replaces the display of the original report.

Step 4

Click additional resource name or application protocol hyperlinks available in the first drill-down report
to display additional reports containing details for the desired resource or application.

Opening the NAM Traffic Analyzer

You can link directly to the Cisco NAM Traffic Analyzer for NAM configuration options from Cisco
PVM reports. The traffic analyzer opens in a new window.


The traffic analyzer opens directly to a specific NAM only if that NAM has been set up in Cisco PVM
with the correct user ID and password (Setup > NAM in the Cisco PVM GUI) or if the current Cisco
PVM user credentials match the NAM credentials. If the traffic analyzer does not open for the desired
NAM, log in to the NAM using the traffic analyzer’s login window, or contact the Cisco PVM
administrator to obtain traffic analyzer login information.

To open the NAM traffic analyzer, complete the following steps:

Step 1

Run a report for the desired statistic.

Step 2

Click the “NAM (Type)” hyperlink at the top of the report display window.

The NAM Traffic Analyzer opens in a new browser window, signed on automatically to the correct NAM
if that NAM’s logon information has been set up in Cisco PVM or if your user credentials allow you to
access the NAM.

Figure 3-13

shows the NAM Traffic Analyzer window opened just beneath the “NAM

(Type)” hyperlink.