Real-time charts – Cisco OL-8620-03 User Manual

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Cisco Performance Visibility Manager User Guide


Chapter 3 Monitor

Real-Time Charts

Figure 3-13

NAM Traffic Analyzer Window

Step 3

Review or change NAM or switch/router parameters in the traffic analyzer window.


Changes you make using the traffic analyzer affect future data aggregation and reports only.

Step 4

Close the NAM Traffic Analyzer by clicking the close button in the upper right corner of the window.

Real-Time Charts

Cisco PVM provides access to real-time data through links available in tabular reports. Reports contain
a link in each table row that opens a chart pop-up for the corresponding report element, such as a host
or protocol.

The Real-Time Chart pop-up allows you to troubleshoot a specific data source by displaying a
continuously refreshed plot of its current performance. Monitoring begins as soon as the window opens.
The chart will automatically refresh every 30 seconds and additional data points will be plotted. At any
time, you can change the selected variable and click Submit to restart monitoring.