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Cisco Performance Visibility Manager User Guide


Chapter 3 Monitor

Drill-Down Capabilities

Drill-Down Link Formats

Figure 3-12

depicts the drill-down from a Hosts report to the Host Details report.

Figure 3-12

Sample Drill-Down Format - Hosts to Host Details

The host IP address for which the user wants to see details appears as a red hyperlink in the report shown
on the left, and its respective Host Details report, shown on the right, opens when that hyperlink is
clicked. In the Cisco PVM GUI, the second report replaces the initial report in the report display pane.
You can click Back in the report header to see the initial report.

Using Report Drill-Down Links

Drill-down links are generally available in tabular reports only. Cisco PVM tabular reports include those
run for cumulative and current rates; TopN reports do not normally allow drill-down to other reports.
The exception is the Monitor Overview TopN display, which allows drill-down to specific reports when
you click on a bar in one of the graphs.



VLAN Priority


Table 3-3

Reports Drill-Down Capability (continued)

Report Name

Drill-Down Reports Available