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Cisco Performance Visibility Manager User Guide


Chapter 3 Monitor

Generating Reports Using Monitor

Running a Report

The following procedure uses the Applications report as an example. For samples and descriptions of
individual reports, see the

Appendix B, “Report Samples for Monitor and Reports.”

appendix. For a

complete explanation of available data views and report types, see

Understanding Data Views, page 1-13

in Cisco PVM Overview.

Step 1

Log in to Cisco PVM.

The Overview report runs automatically and appears in the Monitor display pane.

Step 2

Select a report to run by


clicking a suite name in the navigation menu and


selecting the report name from the suite list.

The selected report automatically runs based on the parameters used in the previously run report.

Step 3

Expand the parameters pane by clicking the expansion icon at the right of the Monitor window header. T

The report parameters pane appears.

Step 4

Select the Data Source Group you want to monitor from the drop-down list (see

Figure 3-6


Figure 3-6

Select Data Source Group

Step 5

Select the data view you want to see from the drop-down list (see

Figure 3-7


Data Source

Drop-down list next to
Data View

Allows you to select the specific data source for the report if the Data
Source view has been selected.


The list defaults to the first data source available in the list for the
NAM or switch selected in the Data Source Group list.


Radio button

Runs the report for all data collected since midnight. [default]


Radio button

Runs the report for the last n hours or minutes.


The historical limit for reporting is the last seven days, but to run
reports going back greater than 24 hours, it is easier to use the
From/To fields.

Auto Refresh

Check box

Refreshes the displayed report at the interval selected in the Last option.

From / To

Radio button with
pop-up calendar icons

Allows selection of a specific set of dates using the calendar icons to
open the pop-up calendar for date selection.


Reports can be run for up to the last seven days.



Refreshes the displayed report based on the selected parameters.



Expands or collapses the Monitor parameters pane.

Table 3-2

Monitor Parameters Pane Field Descriptions (continued)