Cisco OL-8620-03 User Manual

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Cisco Performance Visibility Manager User Guide


Chapter 3 Monitor

Generating Reports Using Monitor

Figure 3-7

Data View Selection

Step 6

(Optional) If you have selected Data Source from the Data View list, select the specific data source you
whose data you want to view in the report from the Data Source drop-down list (see

Figure 3-8


Figure 3-8

Data Source Selection

Step 7

Select the desired Report Type from the drop-down list (see

Figure 3-9


Figure 3-9

Report Type Selection


The Report Types available in the drop-down list depend on the report you have selected to run.

Step 8

Select the time point or range you want to view:

To run the report for data collected since midnight, click the Today radio button.

To run the report for the last n minutes or hours:

Click the Last radio button.

Enter the number for N in the number box (or use the up and down arrows to change the value
in the box).

Select Minutes or Hours from the drop-down list.

To have the report display refresh every collection cycle, check the Auto Refresh box.

To run the report for a specific date range, select the dates from the From and To pop-up calendars

Figure 3-10