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It’s a known fact among fellow R/C pilots that your
airplane will land. It is up to you as to where and
how it lands.

1. For your first couple of flights we recommend that
you attempt to land before the motor stops. Your Sky
Pilot comes with an auto cut-off feature which
reserves battery power for safe landings.

2. During your first flight, while at a high altitude,
turn the motor off and notice how the Sky Pilot
reacts. This will give you an idea of how the airplane
will react during a landing.

3. To land the Sky Pilot, fly down wind, past the
landing area. Gently turn into the wind and reduce
the throttle so that the airplane starts to come down.
Adjust the throttle as needed to reach the landing
area, but not past it.

4. Just before landing, at about 1 foot above the
ground, apply a little up elevator to flare (raise the
nose of the airplane). This will cause the airplane to
slow and settle to the ground.

Switch off the airplane. Then, switch the transmitter
off. Unplug the battery from the airplane and remove
the battery from the battery compartment. Allow the
motor and battery to cool before recharging. Check
the airplane over to make sure nothing has come
loose or may be damaged.

To order replacement parts for your Sky Pilot, use the
order numbers in the list below. Replacement parts
are available only as listed. Replacement parts are
not available from Product Support, but can be
purchased from hobby shops or mail order/Internet
order firms. If you need assistance locating a dealer
to purchase parts, contact:

Product Support

Phone: 217-398-0007 Fax: 217-398-7721


Before starting to build, take an inventory of this kit
to make sure it is complete and inspect the parts to
make sure they are of acceptable quality. If you need
assistance with assembly, contact Product Support.
When reporting defective or missing parts, use the
part names exactly as they are written in the parts list.

Even the best R/C pilots in the world damage their
airplanes every now and then. In the unfortunate
event that you damage your airplane, repairs are
fairly simple to make yourself. If there are any cracks
in the wing or fuselage, apply 6-minute epoxy or
white glue to the broken areas and hold together with
clear packaging tape. Let the glue cure, leaving the
tape in place for added strength.


Stock #


HCAA3518 ....Battery 8.4v,

1100mAh NiMh

HCAA3519 ....Main Wing
HCAA3520 ....Propeller (2)


HCAA3521 ....Cowl w/Screws
HCAA3522 ....Decals
HCAA3523 ....Struts (L & R)
HCAA3524 ....Motor Mount
HCAA3525 ....Main & Nose

Landing Gear

HCAA3526 ....Wheel Pants (3)
HCAA3527 ....Tail Assembly

Stock #


HCAA3528 ....Battery Hatch


HCAA3529 ....Fuselage Set


HCAG3479....Motor 380
HCAM7500 ...Servo
HCAM7505 ...Servo Bearing Set
HCAM7506 ...Servo Horn
HCAM7106 ...Transmitter


HCAP9927 ....Peak Charger
HCAQ3017....Propeller (2)



Caution: If, during a rough landing, the propeller on
the Sky Pilot should become jammed and cannot
rotate with the throttle in the run position, the
battery and speed control will become very hot.
Immediately move the throttle lever to the left to
stop the motor. If you fail to do this, the motor, speed
control and/or battery will be damaged.


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