Prepare the transmitter – Flyzone HCAA1985 User Manual

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❏ 6. Your Sky Pilot requires a minimum 12 amp ESC.
Plug the electronic speed control (ESC) into the
motor connector. Plug the ESC servo lead into the
throttle socket of the receiver. Route the battery
connector from the ESC through the hole in the top
front of the battery tray. Note: If the ESC that you are
installing has an on/off switch, install it in the side of
the fuselage using the screws included with the ESC.

❏ 1. The transmitter that controls your airplane
requires power, in the form of eight “AA” batteries. To
install the batteries, loosen the screw on the bottom
of the transmitter and remove the battery hatch.

❏ 2. Pull the battery holder
out of the transmitter case
and install eight new “AA”
batteries, following the
diagram on the holder.

❏ 3. Insert the battery holder in the transmitter case so
that the two contacts on the battery holder align with the
contacts in the transmitter case. Reinstall the battery
hatch on the transmitter case and tighten the screw.

❏ 4. Switch on the transmitter and check the LED on
the front of the transmitter. If the green light is on, it
is safe to fly. If the red light is on or flashing, you need
to install fresh batteries.

❏ 5. On the front of the transmitter are three switches.
The two switches on the left are for reversing the
direction of the servos. The mixing switch on the right
turns the V-tail mixing on or off. Set ch.1 switch to REV,
ch.2 to NOR and mix to OFF.


Do not use rechargeable (NiCd) batteries.
Do not mix old and new batteries.
Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or

rechargeable (NiCd) batteries.



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