Radio adjustment battery recycling – Flyzone HCAA1985 User Manual

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ATTENTION: The product you have
purchased is powered by a
rechargeable battery. At the end of
the battery’s useful life, under
various state and local laws, it may
be illegal to dispose of this battery

into the municipal waste system. Check with your
local solid waste officials for details in your area for
recycling options or proper disposal.

WARNING: This product contains a chemical known
to the State of California to cause cancer.

Check and tighten the screw in the prop adapter
before each flight. (If you have the Ready-to-Fly
version of the Sky Pilot with the radio system already
installed, skip Steps 1 and 4.

❏ 1. Install the screw-lock pushrod connector in the
hole 1/4" (6.4mm) from the center of the servo arm.
Press the plastic pushrod connector keeper on the
pushrod connector pin. Install a 4-40 machine screw
in the top of the pushrod connector. Make two servo
arms with pushrod connectors attached.

❏ 2. Switch on the transmitter. Make sure the green
light is on. Open the battery hatch cover on the
bottom of the plane and attach the battery to the
connector. If needed, switch on the ESC.

CAUTION: Once the battery is connected to the
ESC, stay clear of the propeller.

❏ 3. Center the rudder (or aileron) and elevator trim.

❏ 4. Insert the elevator and rudder pushrods through
the pushrod connectors. Install the servo arms on the
rudder and elevator servos so that both arms face the
middle and are centered. Remember to reinstall the
servo arm screws.




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