Camera housing, Important messages – GoPro HERO User Manual

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/ Important Messages


If you see the File Repair icon on the camera status
screen, your last video file was corrupted during
recording. Press any button to repair the file.


The Temperature icon appears on the camera status
screen when the camera becomes too hot and needs
to cool down. Simply let it sit and cool before attempting
to use it again. Your camera was designed to identify
conditions of overheating and is designed to respond

/ Camera Housing

Your HERO camera comes with two types of backdoors: Standard
Backdoor (waterproof) and Skeleton Backdoor (non-waterproof).

The Standard Backdoor makes the housing
waterproof to 131’ (40m). Use this door when you
need to protect the camera from water, dirt, sand,
and other environmental hazards.

The Skeleton Backdoor (non-waterproof)
provides better sound quality by allowing more
sound to reach the camera’s microphone. It also
reduces wind noise at speeds up to 100mph when
mounted on helmets, motorcycles, bikes, and
other fast-moving vehicles. Use this backdoor
only when sand, excessive dirt/dust, and water
damage are not a risk. This backdoor is also
recommended for use inside vehicles.

PRO TIP: Apply Rain-X


or a similar anti-beading solution to the

camera housing lens to prevent water spots from forming when using
your camera in rain or water.