Getting started – GoPro HERO User Manual

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The HERO camera is compatible with microSD, microSDHC, and
microSDXC memory cards (sold separately) up to 32GB capacity.
You must use a microSD card with a Class 10 or a UHS-1 rating.
GoPro recommends using brand name memory cards for maximum
reliability in high-vibration activities.

To Insert the microSD Card:
Slide the memory card into the card slot with the label facing the
GoPro logo on the back of the camera.

When fully inserted, the card clicks into place.

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To Remove the microSD Card:
Place your fingernail against the edge of the memory card and lightly
press it further into the camera.

The card springs out far enough to be removed.

NOTICE: Use care when handling memory cards. Avoid liquids, dust,
and debris. As a precaution, power off the camera before inserting
or removing the card. Check manufacturer guidelines regarding use
in acceptable temperature ranges.

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