Getting started – GoPro HERO User Manual

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1. Open the backdoor of the housing.

Note: Your HERO camera, battery, and housing are integrated. You cannot remove the camera

from the housing, or remove the battery from the camera.

2. Charge the battery by connecting the camera to a computer or

other USB charging adapter with the included USB cable.

NOTICE: Only use USB charging adapters marked 5V 1A. If you
do not know the voltage and amperage of your charger, use the
included USB cable to charge the camera from your computer.

/ Getting Started

Slim housing surfboard mount installation

Slim housing remove camera

Slim housing insert camera

Slim housing closed

Swapping housing doors

Quick Release Buckle + Thumb Screw + Slim housing = Complete Unit

/ Getting Started

When charging with a computer, be sure that the computer is
connected to a power source. If the camera status light does not
turn on or you do not see the charging indicator, use a different
USB port.

For fastest charging, make sure the camera is powered off after
connecting it to a computer or USB charging adapter. The camera
status light turns on during charging and turns off when charging
is complete.

The integrated lithium-ion battery comes partially charged. No
damage occurs to the camera or battery if used prior to a full charge.

For more battery information, see


(page 34).

WARNING: Use caution when using your GoPro as part of your

active lifestyle. Always be aware of your surroundings to avoid

injury to yourself and others. Abide by all local laws when using

your GoPro and related mounts and accessories.