Camera housing – GoPro HERO User Manual

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You can switch the backdoor of your HERO camera to suit your activity
and shooting conditions.

Note: Your HERO cannot be removed from the housing.

To Change the Backdoor:

1. Open the backdoor of the housing so that it hangs downwards.
2. Firmly pull the backdoor downwards until it snaps free from the

main housing.

3. Line up the replacement backdoor into the hinge opening.
4. Push upwards on the backdoor until it clicks into place.

Slim housing surfboard mount installation

Slim housing remove camera

Slim housing insert camera

Slim housing closed

Swapping housing doors

Quick Release Buckle + Thumb Screw + Slim housing = Complete Unit

/ Camera Housing


The rubber seal that lines the Standard Backdoor forms a waterproof
barrier that protects your HERO in wet conditions.

Keep the Standard Backdoor’s rubber seal clean. A single hair or grain
of sand can cause a leak and damage your camera.

After every use in salt water, close the Standard Backdoor tightly, and
then rinse the outside of the camera housing with non-salt water and
dry. Not doing this can eventually cause corrosion of the hinge pin
and salt buildup in the seal, which can cause failure.

To clean the seal, remove it from the backdoor, rinse it in fresh water,
and shake dry (drying with a cloth may cause lint to compromise the
seal). Re-install the seal into the grooves in the Standard Backdoor.

WARNING: Failure to follow these steps each time you use

your GoPro can result in leaks that may damage or destroy your

camera. Water will damage both the camera and the battery,

which could cause an explosion or fire. Your warranty does not

cover water damage resulting from user error.