Source Audio Soundblox Hub Manager User Manual

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Source Audio Soundblox Hub Manager User Guide

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Control Knobs

All of the knobs on the pedal are shown graphically in the pedal parameter editor. For pedals with an
option knob (a single knob that controls multiple parameters), all of those parameters are shown as
separate knobs in this interface for easy access.

In order to change a knob, click on the knob and drag your mouse up or down.

ON/OFF Status

Click this button to engage or disengage (bypass) the pedal’s effect.

Control Input

The control input drop-down menus allow you to select an external control input and assign it to a
modulation parameter.

The first drop-down menu selects either the Hot Hand or an external Expression pedal as the control
input. The second drop-down menu selects which parameter that control input will modify. Each pedal
has a different list of parameters which can be externally controlled.

Save and Close

Saves the changes to the pedal in the scene and returns to the main Hub Manager window.