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Source Audio Soundblox Hub Manager User Guide

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Hub Manager Main Window

The main window of the Hub Manager consists of 4 sections: the main menu, the hub hardware status,
my board, and the scene viewer.

Basic Concepts


A pedal is an individual effects unit connected to the hub. At the time of release, the hub is compatible
with Source Audio Soundblox 2 pedals. In the future, more products will be supported.

Pedal Settings

Each individual pedal connected to the hub has multiple parameters that the user can modify in order to
change the sound of the effect. These settings can be configured in the Pedal Parameter Editor, and
settings for individual pedals can be saved as Pedal Preset Files (*.pdl). Pedal Settings also include
configuration information such as expression pedal setup and Hot Hand configuration.


A scene is a collection of pedal settings for multiple pedals connected to the hub. A scene contains
information about what pedals are connected to the hub, as well as the complete pedal settings for all
of those pedals.

Hub Hardware Status

My Board

Main Menu

Scene Viewer