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Source Audio Soundblox Hub Manager User Guide

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Hub Hardware Status

Hub Status Box

When the Hub Manager starts up, it will check the USB ports to see if the hub is connected to the
computer. If a hub is connected, the hub hardware status box will be green, and relevant information
will be displayed inside of it.

If the computer does not detect a hub on the USB ports, the status box will be gray.

Edit Hub Hardware Settings

When a hub is connected, its settings can be edited using the Edit Hub Hardware Settings button.

The Hub Hardware Settings window contains some controls related to the operation of the hub.

MIDI Channel

Selects which MIDI channel the hub will receive and send messages on.

MIDI Input Omni Mode

Check this box in order to force the hub to disregard the channel number of incoming MIDI message and
listen for messages on all channels.

MIDI Out Mode

Configures the function of the MIDI OUT hardware connector on the hub. In MIDI Thru mode, it sends
out copies of whatever MIDI messages are received on its MIDI IN connector. In HH and Exp Out mode,