Source Audio Soundblox Hub Manager User Manual

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Source Audio Soundblox Hub Manager User Guide

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Add New Pedal

Adds a new pedal to the scene. This opens a list of supported pedals, from which you can the pedal you
wish to add.

An alternate method of adding a pedal to the scene is click-dragging it from the My Board – Connected
Devices view to the Scene Viewer.

In general, you’ll want to have all of the pedals on your board included in every scene, even if they are
bypassed in some scenes. The hub needs this information so that it can send the appropriate Enable or
Bypass commands when that scene is recalled. If a pedal on your board is enabled in one scene, and not
included in a second scene, the hub will not send a bypass command (or any commands) to it when the
second scene is recalled.

Delete Pedal

Removes the selected pedal from the scene.

Warning! Scene Changed Dialog

If you make changes to a scene and try to select another scene without saving it, the Hub Manager will
warn you that your data might be lost, and it will offer you options to save the current scene or discard