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Source Audio Soundblox Hub Manager User Guide

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Displays detailed information about the selected pedal.

Channel (Device ID)

This is a unique identifier used by the hub to communicate with each connected pedal. This ID defaults
to 0 and does not need to be changed in most circumstances. It should only be changed if more than
one of the same type of pedal is connected to the same hub. For example, if two Dimension Reverb
pedals were connected to the same hub, then each one of them needs to have a unique device ID – the
first pedal could keep the default ID of 0, and the second pedal would need another ID, like 1.

Update Pedal Firmware

Updates the firmware (application software) running inside the pedal. Use this function to update your
pedal when Source Audio releases new firmware updates. The Hub Manager installer contains the latest
firmware for all hub-compatible Source Audio pedals. Upon selecting this option, you will be prompted
to locate the firmware update file (the *.hex file downloaded from the Source Audio website) in order to
complete the update. Each new version of the Hub Manager will contain the latest firmware files for all
compatible pedals in its installer. The firmware files are located in your user documents folder, in the
Source Audio\Soundblox Hub Manager\soundblox 2 firmware subdirectory.


After initiating the firmware update, make sure to keep the pedal powered, and the hub

powered and connected to the computer via USB. If the pedal or hub is powered down or the USB
connection is interrupted during the firmware update, the update will fail.