Source Audio Soundblox Hub Manager User Manual

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Source Audio Soundblox Hub Manager User Guide

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Export Scene

Exports the current scene data to a backup scene file (*.scn), which is stored on your hard drive. This is
useful for backing up your favorite scenes or saving scenes to share with friends. Upon clicking this
button, you will be prompted to specify a name and location for the scene file on your computer.

Scene Name

This shows the name of the current scene. In order to edit the name, just click it, and use the keyboard
to type a new name. If you have made changes to a scene and not yet saved the scene, this is denoted
by an asterisk (*) in front of the scene name.

Pedal Status

These graphics show a picture of each pedal in the scene, the status (engaged or bypassed) and the
selected effect.

Make Blank Scene

Removes all pedals from the scene and starts with a blank workspace.

Edit Pedal Settings

Opens the pedal parameter editor window for the selected pedal.