Swimline SPORTSTER 266 User Manual

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This SOLSTICE inflatable boat manual will provide you with all of the easy instructions you need to
follow in order to set up and operate this boat efficiently. If this is your first craft, or you are not
familiar with this type of boat, please ensure that you obtain handling and operating experience before
driving the craft. Your dealer or national sailing federation or yacht club will be pleased to advise you
where to get training.

In addition to set-up instructions and operational guidelines, we have also included several very
important Warning and Caution statements that pertain to the safe use and enjoyment of this new
SOLSTICE inflatable boat. It is very important that you take the time to read them all. Please make
certain that you understand the information contained in this Manual prior to initial use.

Please retain this manual for future reference!

Important Safety Guidelines

Please read & understand prior to using boat

To enhance the enjoyment of your boat and protect the safety of the operator using the product,
ALWAYS STRICTLY OBSERVE the following important safety points.

1. WARNING: Boat designed for use in sheltered water only.

2. WARNING: This in not a life saving device. Use only under competent supervision. Never

allow diving or jumping into this product. Never leave in or near the water when not in use.
Never tow from any vehicle. Adult assembly and operation required.

3. WARNING: Inflating the product’s chambers should be done in numbered sequence, do not

over inflate. Excessive inflation of the product can cause the chambers to burst or cause damage
to the seams. It is crucial that the boat’s pressure be reduced during prolonged use in direct sun.
Also, in cold conditions, the pressure my decrease and more air will need to be added to ensure
proper inflation.

4. WARNING: Take a boating safety course and get hands-on training from your boat dealer or

local boating authorities. Review all safety requirements regularly. Never navigate alone.

5. WARNING: A Personal Floatation Device (PFD) is required for each passenger. It is especially

important that children and non-swimmers wear a Personal Floatation Device at all times.
Children and non-swimmers need special instruction in the use of the Personal Floatation

6. WARNING: Use caution when stepping or climbing aboard the boat. Step into the center of the

boat for maximum stability. Distribute the weight of load and accessories evenly so that the boat
sits level fore to aft and side to side.

7. WARNING: Do not use your boat if you suspect a puncture or leak. It may be unsafe.

8. WARNING: Beware of offshore winds and under-currents.

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