Swimline SPORTSTER 266 User Manual

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Small holes and punctures can be repaired with the provided repair kit.

1. Find the leak.
2. Deflate the boat.
3. Thoroughly clean and dry the surrounding area of dirt and grime.
4. Cut a piece of repair material in a round shape larger than the damaged area.
5. Use a pencil to lightly trace the outline of the patch over the hole area.
6. Apply adhesive to the underneath side of the patch and the area to be repaired. Coat both lightly

but completely.

7. Put the repair patch on the damaged area and press down firmly.
8. Allow 12 hours to dry. After repair patch has dried, apply glue around the edges of the patch for

a complete seal. Allow to dry 4 more hours.

After completing steps 1 through 8, the boat is ready to use.


1 boat

3 aluminum floor slats

1 aluminum bench seat

1 foot pump

1 repair kit with patching material and valve wrench

2 aluminum collapsible oars

1 carry bag

1 set instructions

1 warranty & certificate of origin card

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