Swimline SPORTSTER 266 User Manual

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5. Please see the Safety Valve Diagram #1. Inflation: Unscrew the valve cap (A1). Attach the air

pump hose nozzle and twist to lock the hose to the valve. As each chamber is inflated detach the
hose and screw in the valve cap (A2).

6. Deflation: Remove the Valve Cap (A1) push down the Deflation Button (B) and turn the valve

clockwise by 90 degrees until it is locked. Release the valve and the air will flow out. If you
want to stop deflation push down the Deflation Button (B) and turn it counter-clockwise by 90
degrees. The deflation will stop when the valve pops up. To fully deflate the boat for storage,
use the deflation feature on your pump (inflator).

Operating Instructions

Preparation before departing:

1. Acquire necessary information and inform other passengers:

A. Get information on local laws, regulation and hazards related to water activities and boat


B. Check weather forecast, local currents, tides and wind conditions.
C. Advise someone on land of the time you plan to be back
D. Explain basic boat operation to all passengers.
E. Be sure that at least one of your passengers can operated the boat in case of emergency.
F. Learn how to determine the distance you can cover, and remember that bad weather

conditions can alter this.

2. Check the working condition of the boat and equipment:

A. Check inflation pressure.
B. Inspect all safety valves.
C. Check the load is evenly distributed on deck of boat; bow to stern and side to side.
D. Do not exceed the recommended motor power maximum horsepower.

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