Swimline SPORTSTER 266 User Manual

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3. Check that required safety equipment is on board (check the laws and regulations of the country

or locality in which you are boating):

A. One personal floatation device (PFD) for each passenger.
B. The air pump, oars & repair kit.
C. The boat papers and your boating license (if applicable).
D. Lights are required if operating after dark.


1. Remove all accessories (seats, oars, motor mount, etc.).

2. Clean and dry the boat as previously instructed.

3. Open all valves and deflate boat completely.

4. Remove floor slats.

5. Fold the boat. Fold port and starboard sides in towards middle. Fold the boat from stern to bow.

6. Place boat and all accessories in carry bag for storage.

Trouble Shooting

If your boat appears to have lost air, first check that all valves are tightly shut. Also, notice if the

temperature has cooled. As stated before, this may cause the pressure to decrease. If either of these have
occurred, add air to return the boat to pressure.

Sometimes the high pressure valve may become loose. To check this, use the supplied valve

wrench in the repair kit to tighten the valve. Turn lightly in clockwise direction. (See diagram #2)

Diagram #2

If you suspect a leak, visually inspect the boat. Some punctures are obvious. If you cannot easily

detect any leaks, apply mildly soapy water around the boat and valve areas. Any leak will produce

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