Swimline SPORTSTER 266 User Manual

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9. WARNING: The total number of persons and total weight shall not exceed the information

printed on the boat. Do not exceed the maximum recommended capacities. Overloading
violates regulations.

10. WARNING: It is the responsibility of the boat owner to identify and obey all local and state

laws pertaining to boat safety PRIOR to use. Please consult your local authorities to ensure

11. Do not allow unattended children in the boat. Always make sure that at least one responsible

adult is supervising all children and those who do not know how to swim AT ALL TIMES.

12. Always maintain the proper boat safety equipment.

13. Your boat is designed to be a storable, seasonal boat. If the boat will not be in use year-round, it

is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you deflate the boat and dry it thoroughly, and store it in
a protected area for the off-season. This will help extend your boats life and prevent a safety
hazard from developing while the boat is not in use.

14. WARNING: Certain household cleaning solvents, chemicals and other liquids (such as

battery acid, oil and gasoline) could damage the PVC fabric. In the event of spill or
mishandling, you should check for leaks and inspect for structural integrity.
Use a mild
soap to clean the boat, rinse thoroughly.


1. Find a flat field and make sure that the area you have selected to set up the boat is completely

free of stones, sticks, sharp objects or other foreign debris.

2. Carefully unfold the boat, spreading out the tubes and floor to make them as smooth as possible.

NOTE: For ease of assembly, it is preferable to set up the boat on a warm and sunny day. If time
permits, expose the unrolled boat to direct sunlight for 1 hour or more, so that the boat material
will be more flexible during assembly. CAUTION: DO NOT DRAG THE BOAT, AS IT MAY
TEAR THE BOAT OR CAUSE OTHER DAMAGE. We will not be held responsible for
damage caused to the boat due to mishandling or failure to follow these instructions.

3. Slide the aluminum floor slats through the sleeves in the floor prior to inflating.


Inflate the boat’s chambers in numbered sequences that are printed next to the valves. It is very
important to follow the numbered sequence: Failure to do so will result in an improperly inflated
boat. You can use a hand or foot operated air pump to inflate the boat. Do not use high-pressure
air compressors. Inflate each air chamber in the number sequence until all chambers are full.
WARNING: Do not over inflate. Maximum pressure for all air chambers should be 0.15bar
Note: It is easier to install the bench seat when the boat is only partially inflated.

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