Canon AXIS 1650 User Manual

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Adding Printers in NetWare


AXIS 1650 User’s Manual

Select Default Drivers

for Your Platforms

For each platform in your network, select the default printer drivers to

install (the drivers presented are those registered in the Broker; new

drivers can be added from the Manage Broker task). Click Next.

You will now receive a confirmation that the request succeeded and that

printer CanonMF.axis was created. Click OK.

Manage the Newly

Created Printer

Select Roles and Tasks | iPrint | Manage Printer and specify which

NDPS Printer to modify (e.g. CanonMF.axis). Click OK.

To Browse for a Printer

Next to the

NDPS Printer name field, click the Browse icon. Browse to your

default container to find the newly created printer (e.g. CanonMF), select