Drawing up lower thread, Foot pressure – SINGER W1523 User Manual

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Drawing Up Lower Thread

Hold the end of upper thread with
left hand.

Turn handwheel slowly towards you

until needle moves down and up

Pull upper thread slowly and lower

thread will be brought up in a loop.

Pull out both threads about 15cm
(6") and place them together under
presser foot to left.

NOTE: Always place thread to the
back or left when starting to sew
a seam.
Failure to do this may cause

thread jamming.

Foot Pressure

To increase the pressure, turn the

regulator clockwise: and to reduce

the pressure, turn the regulator
Insufficient pressure may cause
poor feeding of the fabric, skipped

stitches, or difficulty in guiding the
fabric. If feed dogs or presser foot
marks appear on the fabric,
reduce the pressure.

When sewing multiple thickness
or heavy fabric, reduce the
pressure. Increase pressure when
sewing lighter weight fabrics.