Setting the stitch length – SINGER W1317 User Manual

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4) into check spring C
5) then tug on thread to pull it into hook^D (see~insert,

Fig. 10)


) up into take-up lever E from back to front

7) down into thread guide F on face plate


) through the needle bar thread guide G

9) and into needle from left to right. Pull three or four

inches of thread through needle.

Hold the end of upper thread loosely and turn hand

wheel toward you until the needle goes all the way down
and comes back up. A loop (Fig. 11) will be formed over

the upper thread which then can be pulled out straight.
Place both thread ends under the slot of the presser foot

and draw toward the back of the machine, leaving both
threads three or four inches long.


The length of the stitch is regulated by the dial,



shown in Fig. 12. Near 0 is the shortest stitch and 4 is

the longest, but the dial may be set at any spot between
markings for a variety of lengths. Turn the dial to the

left to lengthen and to the right to shorten the stitch.
The number stitch length you choose appears above the

center line on the reverse button R.