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NOTE: Where the exhaust passes through a

wall, ceiling, or roof made of combustible

materials, the opening must be 2-inches larger
(all the way around) than the duct. The duct
must be centered within this opening.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use screens, louvers, or
caps on the outside opening of exhaust duct



1. Electrical Requirements

It is your responsibility to have ail electrical

connections made by a properly licensed
and competent electrician to assure that the
electrical installation is adequate and
conforms with local and state regulations or
codes. In the absence of such codes, all
electrical connections, material and work­
manship must conform to the applicable

requirements of the National Electric Code
ANSI/NFPA No. 70 (Latest Edition), or in
Canada, the Canadian Electrical Codes,

Parts 1 & 2 CSA C22.1 - 1 9 9 0 or Latest

Each dryer should be connected to an inde­

pendently protected branch circuit. The dryer
must be connected with copper wire only. DO
NOT use aluminum wire which could cause a
fire hazard. The copper conductor wire/cable
must be of proper ampacity and insulation in
accordance with electric codes for making ALL
service connections.

NOTE: Wiring diagrams are affixed to the inside
at the top front control door and to the rear
upper back guard/panel.



Reversing, 3-Phase Motor


A. Fuse ratings are dual element-time delay-

current limiting, class RK1 or RK5 ONLY.

B. Circuit breakers are thermal magnetic

(industrial) type ONLY. For others, calculate/

verify correct breaker size according to
appliance amp draw rating and type of

breaker used.

C. Circuit breakers for 3-phase dryers must be

3-pole type.

Service Voltage




Wire Service


Approx. AMP Draw (60 Hz)


Minimum Wire Service


Fusing (Dual Element Time Delay)


Circuit Breaker


IMPORTANT: The dryer must be connected to
the electrical supply shown on the data label

that is affixed to the back of the dryer, at the

upper right hand corner.

WARNING: 208VAC and 230/240 VOLTS ARE

NOT THE SAME. Any damage done to dryer
components due to improper voltage connec­

tions will automatically VOIDTHE WARRANTY.

IMPORTANT: Failure to comply with these

codes ordinances, and/or the requirement
stipulated in this manual can result in personal

injury or component failure.

NOTE: Component failure due to improper
installation voids the warranty.

It is recommended that a separate circuit

serving each tumbler be provided. The dryer
must be connected with copper wire only. Do
not use aluminum wire which could cause a fire

NOTE: The use of aluminum wire voids the


NOTE: A wiring diagram is included with each

dryer and is affixed to the rear, upper right
guard/panel of the dryer.

The only electrical input connections to the

dryer are the 3-phase (3o) power leads (LI, L2,
and L3), GROUND, and in the case of 4 wire
service, the neutral. Providing local codes
permit, power connections to the dryer can be

made by the use of a flexible underwriters
laboratory listed cord/pigtail (wire size must
conform to rating of the dryer), or the dryer can
be hard wired directly to the service breaker. In
ALL cases, a strain relief must be used where
the wire(s) enter the dryer electrical service
(relay) box.