Installation procedures, Installation requirements, Unpacking/settrng up – Maytag MDG120 User Manual

Page 8: Leveling dryer

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Installation should be performed by competent

technicians in accordance with local and state
codes. In the absence of these codes, installa­
tion must conform to applicable AMERICAN


ANSI Z223.1 - Latest Edition

(National Fuel Gas Code) and/or

ANSI/NFPA No. 70 - Latest Edition

(National Electric Code)

In Canada, the Canadian Installation Codes
CAN/CGA-B 149.1 - M91 (Natural Gas) or CAN/

CGA-B149.2 - M91 (L. R Gas) or Latest Edition.


Remove shipping carton, or polyethylene cover

and protective shipping corners from dryer.

IMPORTANT: Dryer must be transported and

handled in an upright position at all times.

The dryer can be moved to its final location
while still attached to the skid or with the skid

removed. To unskid the dryer, locate and re­

move the four (4) lag bolts securing the base of
the dryer to the wooden skid. Two (2) are
located at the rear of the base, and two (2) are
located in the lint chamber bottom. Once the
bolts are removed, slide the dryer off the skid.
To remove the two (2) lag bolts located in the

lint chamber area, remove lint drawer and the

three (3) Phillips head screws securing lint door
in place.

Once the bolts and screws are removed, the
dryer can be removed from the skid.


1. This unit does not have leveling legs. To level

the dryer, place 4-inch square metal shims
or other suitable material under the base pads.

2. If more headroom is needed when moving

dryer into position, the top console (module)
may be removed.

To remove top console (module):

1) Disconnect the ground wire (A) at the Rear

Upper Left Hand Corner of Dryer.

2) Remove the six (6) sets of nuts and washers

(B) holding the console (module) to base.

3) Open the control door/control panel and dis­

connect the white 15-pin plug connector (C

in the illustration below) located in the base
of the control box.

4) Disconnect white plug connector located

outside backside of the control box (provides

power to heat circuit).

5) Lift the console (module) off of the dryer


IMPORTANT: The dryer must be transported
and handled in an upright position at all times.