Operating instructions, Shutdown instructions – Maytag MDG120 User Manual

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IMPORTANT: There is no regulator
provided in an L.P. dryer. The water
column pressure must be regulated at

the source (L.P. tank) or an external

regulator must be added to each dryer.

6. Make a complete operational check of ALL

safety-related circuits (i.e., lint drawer
switch, and sail switch on gas models).

NOTiE: To check for proper sail switch
operation, open the main door and while

holding main door switch plunger in, start
dryer. Dryer should start but heat circuit
should not be activated (on). If heat
(burner) does activate, shut dryer off and
make necessary adjustments.

7. A reversing basket (tumbler) dryer should

never be operated with less than a 60 lb.
load (dry weight). The size of the load will

affect the coast-down and dwell (stop)

times. The basket (tumbler) must come to
a complete stop before starting in opposite

a. Microprocessor (computer) Dryer Models

1) Spin and stop times are not adjust-

abie in the Automatic Mode and have
been preprogrammed into the micro­
processor controlier (computer) for

120-seconds spin time and a 5-

second dwell (stop) time.

2) Spin and stop times are adjustable in

the Manual (timed) Mode.

8. Each dryer should be operated through

one complete cycle to assure that no
further adjustments are necessary and that
ALL components are functioning properly.

9. Make a complete operational check of ALL

operating controis.

a. Microprocessor controller (computer)


1) Each microprocessor controller

(computer) has been preprogrammed
by the factory with the most com­
monly used parameter (program)

selections. If computer program
changes are required, refer to the
computer programming manual
which was shipped with the dryer.


NOTE: Before attempting to start the dryer

make sure that the main door is closed and the
lint drawer is secureiy in place.

1. To start the dryer:

a. Micropressor (Computer) Dryers

1) Display will read “FILL” (meaning no

cycle in progress).

2) Press the letter on the keyboard

(touchpad) corresponding to the cycle

desired (i.e. Key “E”)...

a) The dryer wiil then start (rotate)

3) L.E.D. display will now show the Cycle

In progress and Cycle status (i.e.,

“dr30” meaning that the dryer is in the
drying cycle (dry mode for 30 minutes)
and count down in minutes.

NOTE: Pressing touch pad key “A”, “B”,

“C”, “D", and “P will also start the dryer.
The six (6) preprogrammed drying cycles

(“A” through “F”) have been stored in the
microprocessor (computer“s) memory.
Refer to the Comuter Programming
Manual supplied with dryer for more

specific operating information.

NOTE: The dryer can be stopped at any

time by opening main door or by pressing
the “CLEAR/STOP” key. To restart the
dryer, press the “ENTER/START key or
preprogrammed cycle key (i.e., “E”).

NOTE: Selection (setting) changes can

be made at any time during the drying
cycle by pressing the “CLEAR/STOP” key
twice, the L.E.D. display will return to
“FILL” at which time a new cycle selection
can be made.


If the dryer is to be shut down (taken out of
service) for a period of time, the following
MUST BE performed.

1. Discontinue power to the dryer either at the

external disconnect switch or the circuit

2. Discontinue the gas suply.

a. SHUT OFF external gas supply shut

off valve.

b. SHUT OFF internal gas supply shut

off valve located at the gas valve
train area.

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