SINGER W1305 User Manual

Page 12

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Use only a good grade of oil.

Inferior oils may cause the machine

to become sluggish.

Use only oil whose label spec­

ifies “for Sewing Machines.”

If your machine is used continuously, it should be oiled every day ;

preferably when you are done using the machine for the day. If not

in constant use, oil the machine before using.

Use ONE drop of oil on bearings, and wherever one part rubs against

another, or turns within another part.

Some such parts are visible to the eye. Others are hidden inside tfie

castings. Hence look for all oil holes in the casting as indicated by arrows

in the picture. Insert the oil can nozzle well into the oil hole.

Before oiling the oil hole to the RIGHT of the spool-pin on top of the

machine, turn the balance wheel until the needle is DOWN at its lowest

point, and look into the oil hole to see that the oil receptacle on the shaft

is in position.

Also remove the face plate by loosening the screw near the top and

lifting the face plate up and off. Turn the balance wheel slowly by

hand and watch the mechanism under the face plate to see which parts

move and require oil.

Next, put three drops of oil in the bobbin raceway after the race has

been removed as described at the top of page 12.

The machine is also to be oiled from the back. Loosen the screw hold­

ing the metal plate, move the plate out of the way, and tighten the screw

to hold it there. Turn the balance wheel slowly in order to see which
parts move and require oil.