Hte mace ?n – SINGER W1305 User Manual

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Lint, du

5t and threads collecting In th»

machine will cause it to bacome alugglsh.
To dean th* machine^ first diBConnect the
alectric cord. Then remeve the needle,

presser foot, slide plate, and throat plate.
Also remove the bobbin ai>d bobbin cose

Brush the exposed parts thoroughly. I^e-

mova any packed lint with a toothpick*

Clean the inside oF the bobbin cast and
under the spring. Also dean th* raceway
as Instructed on Page 12. (Leave the ma­
chine In this condition For oiling.)



Then tilt the machine back, and again turn the balance wheel slowly

to locate the bearings and ether movir.g parts. Here, too, you will find

some oil holes in the castings.

Wipe away all excess oil from ell parts cf the machine. Connect and

run the machine rapidly for a minute to allow the oil to penetrate into

the bearings.

Also sew some scrap material to be sure that no oil will dnp from

the needle bar on to your material.