SINGER 401 User Manual

Instructions for using singer* * 401

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Instructions for Using



Form 4101
(Rev. 576)


Copyright ® 1959 by The Singer Company
All Rights Reserved

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Printed in U.S.A.

The SINGER 401

the greatest sewing machine ever built . . .

From the moment you see the new SINGER 401, you'll know it's

excitingly d i f f e r e n t . You'll marvel at its automatic sewing . .. its

almost unbelievable ease of operation . . . the remarkable services it

performs. You'll delight in its sure, beautiful stitching.

• W o r l d ' s f i r s t automatic with a slant needle and gear drive.

Seeing is easier, sewing smoothest ever. No slipping or stalling.

• W o r l d ' s f i r s t automatic with double easy threading. Has built-

in threading chart, harfdy "drop-in" bobbin in f r o n t of needle!

• W o r l d ' s f i r s t automatic with a built-in eye-level stitch chart,

that lets you "tune" the knob for whatever fancy stitch you want!

Add to these major developments in sewing machine design the

following ADVANCED features, and you have a machine far ahead in

design, unequalled in performance.

Copyrighf 1959 by The Singer Manufacturing Company

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