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5.1 Servers Tab

Click the Servers button on the Settings menu to open the Servers tab(pictured below.)

All Server's currently configured on the Cloud will be visible in the tab. Examples in the above image include, 3xLOGIC USA Demo,
Eng Demo and Home Demo.

Add and configure a VIGIL Server to your 3xCLOUD Account.

Edit Server

Edit Server details of a configured VIGIL Server.

Delete Server

Delete an existing VIGIL Server.

This will load a dialogue asking if you would like to delete the server in question. Click OK to delete or
Cancel to return to the Server tab.

Refresh Server

Refresh a Server. Refreshing a Server will initiate any settings changes that have been performed on the
Server itself (Add Camera, Disable Camera, Add/Remove Digital Inputs/Outputs, etc.)


Only Administrative level accounts can Add, Edit or Delete a VIGIL Server.

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